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Our focus is to provide our clients with innovative solutions in the spray technology, complex fluid mechanics, and technical training areas. Training is critical to the proper operation of a unit. We develop and provide custom classroom and e-learning based training to achieve your objectives. We provide confidential, unbiased analysis and development. Practical analysis with recommendations is our primary product. We use a combination of experimental data, correlations, and mathematical models of appropriate complexity to develop solutions.

The selection of a spray nozzle is more than just “choosing a nozzle from the catalog.” There are over 500,000 nozzles and capacities in production by the major spray nozzle companies. Which is best type for your usage? Do I choose a hollow cone nozzle, flat fan spray nozzle, or a solid cone spray nozzle? Would a air atomized nozzle be better? Misconceptions often limit how well we practice the art and science of engineering. Without state-of-the-art knowledge of the fundamentals and the “rules of thumb,” the technology can be misapplied.

Innovation is our hallmark; innovative solutions do not need to be complex. Innovation is a process yielding sustained improvement. Hardware is a critical part of improvements.


We provide technical training in spray technology and chemical processing technology. Training to provide a foundational understanding of technology AND practical know-how of operations.



Understanding the project issues and scope are often the first stage of interaction with potential clients. We have clients within the United States and Internationally. Systematically finding and detailing solutions requires focus in addition to technical skill.



Many projects require validation with testing and modeling to mitigate project risk. We help by designing, executing, and analyzing test programs required to resolve specific issues. See services page.



We currently offer the book

Practical Spray Technology: Fundamentals and Practice

for sale.


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Lake Innovation was formed in 2008 to provide service to the industrial spray industry.

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